As a special offer for 2011, all new members on silver and gold memberships will receive a voucher of £5 or £10 respectively, which can be redeemed at the eco-retailers based in the Warehouse (our building). The three businesses are the Warehouse Café, the One Earth Shop, and Sprocket Cycles. These outlets are part of our little green community in the centre of Birmingham and we support them as they are committed to working towards a greener, healthier and a more organic Birmingham. These vouchers will give people the chance to try out their products with a discount as well as supporting our work.

Sprocket Cycles sells, services and repairs bikes and accessories. They also build bikes to your own specifications. The Warehouse Café has a reputation for serving quality vegetarian and vegan food in central-Birmingham. The One Earth Shop has a large selection of organic and fair-trade products. Everything the shop sells is 100% vegetarian and vegan; additionally the owners are vegan.

Friends of the Earth has been at the forefront of environmental justice for 40 years now and was responsible for (amongst many other very important pieces of legislation) getting the 2008 Climate Change Act put into law after the highly successful Big Ask Campaign.

Birmingham Friends of the Earth has been here for nearly 35 years now and is responsible for a number of popular and high profile local events, such as In Town Without My Car Day and the Annual Santa Parade for Buy Nothing Day.

Over the past year we have been working hard on several campaigns, including the Fix the Food Chain Campaign, which was pushing the government to stop the livestock industry damaging rainforests (and therefore the climate) through animal growing feed in South America. Birmingham Friends of the Earth got more postcards signed than any other group in support of this. Locally, we’re also pushing for safer streets for vulnerable road users, better public transport provision, support for independent retail and green spaces in planning documents and better recycling targets with the phasing out of incineration. 

Birmingham Friends of the Earth makes most of their money through individual contributions and donations. As an organization Friends of the Earth is considered to be within the Top 5 Environmental Organizations in the World who use their donations well. Unlike other organizations we don’t spend any money fund-raising, all this work is done by our volunteers.

Why should you become a member?

Without the generosity of individuals such as yourselves we would not be able to carry out the campaigns we do, which affects everyone living in the area. We use the money donated on our campaigns, printing out publications, paying the salary of the Campaigns Support Worker and on our volunteers. The group is primarily staffed through people who take time off their regular busy schedules to volunteer with us so it is only fair that we pay for their travel and meal expenses. For more details on where the money we raise goes click here.

You can support us by monthly direct debit by being either a bronze (£2), silver (£5), or gold (£10) supporter. Alternatively you can make a one off contribution. Your money goes a long way in helping us run the organization and as an added benefit with a membership card you also receive special offers at the Warehouse Café.

Remember, that it all adds up to help us promote a greener vision and make real differences to people’s lives as we help support environmental justice.