Next Monday is our Annual General Meeting where we will be reviewing what Birmingham FoE has achieved in the last year, considering the Annual Report and Accounts, and electing members of the Management Committee.

Anyone can attend the meeting, ask questions and take part in the discussion.  However, only members of the Birmingham Friends of the Earth Limited (the Community Benefit Society which owns the Warehouse building) can actually vote and stand for election.  Membership is open to anyone who is a regular financial supporter of BFoE and invests £1 in the society. If you are not currently a member, there is still time to sign up before next week if you come along to the Warehouse and fill our the forms before then.

Following last year’s Special General Meeting and amendments to the rules of the society, we have moved to a system whereby Management Committee members are elected for 3 year terms with one third retiring each year by rotation.

If you feel that you have the ideas and enthusiasm to contribute to shaping the future of BFoE, please consider standing for election this year.  The Management Committee meets 6 times a year and is responsible for setting strategy and overseeing the staffing and day to day operations of the organisation.

Our current Chair has indicated that he will be stepping down at this year’s AGM, so we are also looking for someone to take on this role which includes chairing meetings, exercising some strategic leadership, and being prepared to be our ‘public face’ when necessary.

Our long-serving Treasurer has also given notice that she would like to retire by next year’s AGM at the latest. Her role includes giving regular financial reports to the Management Committee, overseeing day-to-day book-keeping and liaising with our Accountant on preparing the year-end accounts. (While this role can be fairly ‘hands-on’, we do currently have a volunteer looking after the nuts and bolts of book-keeping, so the Treasurer’s most important role is one of oversight).

If you would be interested in standing for election to the management committee or one of the roles mentioned above, please contact Phil Burrows, General Manager, for details.