Julien Pritchard interviews Amin Din

How long have you been involved with BFoE?

I came in 2010 as a volunteer decorator. I then worked in the Warehouse co-ordinating the maintenance volunteers before I got a job somewhere else. Now I’m back as a volunteer.

How did you find out about BFoE?

A friend told me that it would be a good organisation to volunteer for, and so it’s proved!

What do you do here?

I’m now a volunteer decorator improving the look of the inside of the building by giving it a much needed lick of paint! Depending on time, I also plan to improve the look of the outside of the building in the summer!

What do you like about working here?

The people you meet here are great. There are loads of different interesting characters that come in and you start talking to them. It was a nice place to come back to because of that friendliness! 

What have you learnt from volunteering with BFoE?

I’ve done a leadership course, gained a lot of people skills, and also confidence in talking to people.

What do you think is the most important environmental issue and why?

Poor waste and recycling systems. It can often be a lot of effort for people to do the right thing in terms of recycling. When I first came here I was surprised by the recycling and how everything had its proper place to be recycled.

What’s your best green tip/advice?

Get out to the end of the road and recycle!