Ben Martin interviews Chris Worth


How long have you been involved with BFoE?

Since November 08


Why did you first get involved?

I am very passionate about the environment and love the outdoors and everything about it and I was becoming increasingly concerned about global warming and its effects. I decided I wanted to do something to help and Birmingham FoE’s policies were exactly in line with my thinking.


What do you do here?

I do what I’m told! I help with anything that needs doing, which ranges from helping research for campaigns, drafting letters to people, coming up with ideas for events and most excitingly addressing newsletters!


What do you like about BFoE?

I love their passion and commitment towards the environment and their belief in how much of a difference they can make even when so many people are sceptical about the things they find most important (e.g. global warming). Most importantly, I like what they are trying to achieve and how they go about it in a peaceful, non-imposing way.


What environmental issues concern you the most and why?

Global warming is what concerns me the most at the moment for the obvious reasons. I find it incredible that so many people either don’t accept that this is happening or are so passive towards it they may as well not believe it when it affects everyone and everything.


If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

Well besides the obvious things like ending poverty etc, I’d make the world one giant ski slope!