Joe Peacock interviews Julien Pritchard


How long have you been involved with BFoE?

I first came to a meeting about 18 months ago.

How did you first find out about BFoE and what made you decide to get involved?

I had already been volunteering with national FoE for about 9 months by that point and decided I wanted to start doing stuff on local transport issues, so I got involved with the transport group.

What do you do at BFoE?

Mainly I look into issues like HS2 and write articles for the newsletter or website. I’ve contributed to the work we do on consultations for the Local Transport Plan, the Big City Plan and other similar pieces of work. I’ve also helped out at events like the public debate on High Speed Rail.

What do you think is the most important environmental issue and why?

The economic system that we have at the moment and how that is exacerbating climate change and driving unsustainable economic growth.

What’s your best green tip/ advice?

Get involved in activism and try to change the world.