Joe Peacock interviews Ana De Sousa



How long have you been involved with BFoE?

I first came along in May when Tim Atkinson started running a course to introduce new people to Friends of the Earth. Then, I had an interview soon after that, about starting to volunteer in the office for Birmingham Friends of the Earth, and have been coming ever since.

How did you first find out about BFoE and what made you decide to get involved?
I was in Portugal looking for work in Birmingham on the internet and I saw the adverts for volunteers. I had always wanted to volunteer for this cause, so I looked it up again when I got here.

What do you do at BFoE?
I do some general officer administration and inputting information when we get petitions signed. This helps the campaigners keep more information and be able to contact people through the website. I’ve also been out on the streets getting petitions signed and I enjoy going to meetings to meet the other campaigners.

What do you think is the most important environmental issue and why?
Oh my God, there are so many! I’m not going to say it’s the number of people, but, wherever people are, there are environmental impacts. The main one that’s affecting us all is climate change, which is man-made. It’s making our environment more unstable, which will bring some awful things like droughts, starvation, floods and many other problems.

What’s your best green tip/ advice?
Change your energy supplier to one that uses 100% renewable energy, such as Good Energy or Ecotricity – better to give your money to them than one of the big six, who keep investing in dirty fossil fuels. Oh, and sign the Final Demand petition to make sure the government does something about the power these energy companies have.