Joe Peacock interviews Roxanne Green



How long have you been involved with BFoE?

About two years.

How did you first find out about BFoE and what made you decide to get

I had to do a placement as part of my MSc course; my friend Maud runs the Faith & Climate Change project so I knew about the organisation through her. I’d become increasingly interested in environmental issues so it seemed like the ideal place to get some experience.

What do you do at BFoE?

So far I’ve mostly just helped out where another pair of hands is needed at stalls and things; I’ve been involved in organising the Christmas and Spring fairs and I’m working on the radio show that we’re putting together. I am taking over as campaigns coordinator which will mean keeping an eye on the strategic direction of campaigns.

What do you think is the most important environmental issue and why?

Climate change – because of the amount of suffering it will cause.

What’s your best green tip/advice?

Stop buying stuff.