Sarah Gee interviewed Khedidja Sahih
How long have you worked for Birmingham Friends of the Earth?
I’ve been working here for nearly a month now. I came to the UK from Paris and lived in Lichfield before moving to Birmingham.
What do you do here?
I mainly work on reception, but I also help Tamsin and Chris with administrative tasks, if they have any that need doing.

How did you get involved with Friends of the Earth?

Through the BVSC Volunteer Centre, that is not far from here. It is easy for me to travel here because, living in Moseley, the bus to get here is fairly frequent – it comes about every five minutes.
Do you enjoy your work?
Yes! A lot! I love the friendly atmosphere that there is here – everyone is so welcoming and approachable. I am able to learn from others that work here and develop my English further on a practical level.
I wanted to be able to do some volunteer work so that I could develop my English. It can be hard to communicate effectively with people at times because of my accent, but I’m becoming more confident the more I talk to and meet different and new people here. I am also starting an English Level One ESOL course at college in September which will develop my English even further.
What environmental issues are the most important to you at the moment?
Climate change has always been important to me. When I was in France in 2003, a heat-wave swept across Europe and it had a devastating effect. Many elderly people were victims and many lost their lives as temperatures got to about 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Around 15, 000 people died in France in the heat-wave and it was a terrible time not only in France but across Europe. I worry that climate change could bring more of these heat-waves and we all need to do something before it is too late. Once a natural disaster happens there’s no going back.