Chris Williams interviewed Phil Burrows
How long have you been volunteering at Birmingham Friends of the Earth?
Nearly 2 years.
What do you do here?
I attend campaigns meeting, as many strategy meetings as I can and I am an active member of the Management Committee.  I am also responsible for the new website design and did a lot for the new design of the newsletter.  Overarching themes for me are improving the overall image of Birmingham Friends of the Earth and strengthening the Governance procedures.  I pass on the skills I gain to others, which is important for making the team stronger and for the sustainability of our organisation.

How did you get involved with Birmingham Friends of the Earth?

I was a member for a while and my partner, Hannah, encouraged me to check out the Birmingham FoE meetings, which I enjoyed, although felt that my skills could add to those already in the organisation and it all grew from there really.

Do you enjoy your work here?

What’s most rewarding is seeing changes as a result of my work: notably the website and the newsletter.  I know the Warehouse and Birmingham Friends of the Earth have so much potential and I like putting in my energies to harness this potential.  I am really pleased to have gained new skills, particularly in terms of governance and learning how to tell if science is trustworthy or not.  I am particularly grateful that my work at Birmingham FoE has led to me gaining the job I currently have as a Green Doctor for Moseley Community Development Trust’s Sustainable Moseley (SuSMo) project.  Birmingham FoE has, for example, taught me advocacy skills and how to push an issue.
What environmental issues are most important to you?
Climate change is certainly what motivates me the most, particularly looking into climate science.