We are looking for someone to take the lead on our work to promote environmental justice.

The next round of international negotiations will be crucial to securing a fair deal for the people and countries that are likely to feel the effects of climate change first, those whose lives are being destroyed by damaging environmental practices now and those who need to raise their standard of living in a sustainable way.

To ensure that such a deal is reached we need to build a strong coalition of groups representing all parts of society so that our political leaders have the courage to act now. We are part of the stop climate chaos coalition who organised the massive demonstration in London last year (The Wave) before the Copenhagen COP15 talks. The lead campaigner in our group will collaborate with other partners from the coalition to organise events and look for ways to reach out to new groups. They will also keep an eye on developments with the international campaigns that are happening, collate information and work with other campaigners to ensure there are materials produced for press coverage to increase awareness.

To do this role:

You will care about the environment and the need for justice on an international and local level.

You will have good communication skills and a desire to use these to promote positive environmental messages.

You will have the ability to do internet-based research and communicate the results for internal and external purposes.

You will be good at building links with other organisations.