We are looking for people with great communication and interpersonal skills, who are happy to promote environmental awareness amongst all visitors to our building in the very centre of Birmingham.

Going into a new place for the first time can be an intimidating experience, but your welcome smile and friendly hello could really put people at ease. Over 20,000 people a year pass through our reception, making it the perfect place to engage the public and get them to think about environmental issues.

You will be able to quickly understand why a someone has come to our building and help them on their way to the right place or person. You will also be able to gauge whether they have the time to hear about our campaigns. This will require excellent communication skills, an ability to read body language and discover the topics that interest the visitor. You could consider it as indoor outreach.

We are also keen for this to be a creative role that allows people to come up with their own interesting ways of getting people involved. For instance, you could get a small acoustic band to play in the reception space, arrange an exhibition in our meeting rooms, put together leaflets and articles, or create information displays.

We are far more interested in your creative and language skills than your admin ones.

In return, we can give you lively conversation, copious amounts of tea, travel expenses, lunch and a warm rosy glow.

Please email Phil with your CV and a statement about why you would be good for this role. If you have any questions about you can contact Phil at phil@birminghamfoe.org.uk or on 0121 632 6909. 

Why volunteering matters, and how you can really make a difference

Birmingham Friends of the Earth recognizes that volunteers play an important part in moving our organization forward. We therefore welcome anyone who gives up their free time to help with the smooth running of our building and furthering Friends of the Earth campaigns. We are committed to ensuring volunteering at BFOE is a rewarding and productive experience, offering training where needed, travel expenses and the potential to develop and learn new skills

About Birmingham Friends of the Earth

Over the last 30 years, Friends of the Earth has made a real difference to our environment in Birmingham. We’ve succeeded in getting better protection for open spaces in the city, and we’ve got legal protection for wildlife nationally. We’ve also pressed the government into raising the minimum legal standards for home insulation and providing grants for it.

Right now we’re in the forefront of pressing for action on climate change, locally, nationally and internationally. We’re fighting for better recycling in Birmingham, and we have made a real difference. We’re leading the calls for better public transport. We’ve worked extensively on the issue of genetically modified food and crops. We’re persuaded retailers to stock sustainable wood, stop importing products which destroy orangutan habitats.

We’re proud of what we do, we rely on the best scientific research and work to influence companies, government and individuals to act to save the environment.

There are over 200 local friends of the earth groups in the UK, and 5000 more in 71 countries across the globe. When we work together we do make a difference. Join us and make a difference too.