How long have you been volunteering with BFoE?

Since about May last year. I popped in to get some leaflets for my class and ended up getting a lot more involved – not really sure how that happened!

What do you do here?

I’ve mostly been involved with the Citizen Science project, which is educational outreach. It joins together education and environmental issues in a very hands-on way.

What do you like about working here?

It’s not hierarchical – you can suggest things that we can work on and do. Then, of course, you actually have to do them!

What have you learnt from volunteering with BFoE?

That a small group of dedicated people really can achieve something. I think we are made to feel most of the time that we can’t make a difference, but working in a group like this shows that simply isn’t true.

What do you think is the most important environmental issue and why?

Climate change, because we can see extremes of weather already causing devastation across the world and habitats being destroyed due to human indifference.

What’s your best green tip/advice?

Drive less! Even if it’s just one journey a week where you walk/cycle/take public transport, you’ll help reduce air pollution and maybe reconnect with the space around you instead of being shut away in a little box!