Julien Pritchard interviews Christina Nijjar

How long have you been volunteering with BFoE?

I’ve been volunteering at BfoE for almost a year; I started around October 2014.

What do you do here?

I deal mostly with nature related things at BfoE. My forte lies with animals and wildlife conservation as that’s what I studied at university, so nature and biodiversity seemed to be the most natural fit for me here at BfoE. You’ll find me in the office quite often researching, emailing, networking, updating social media and occasionally writing articles.

What do you like about working here?

I like meeting new people who are like-minded and who care about the same kinds of issues as I do. I also like the fact that, as a volunteer, my input and work is valued and I’m able to choose to work on issues in which I’m interested.

What have you learnt from volunteering with BFoE?

I have learnt a lot about campaigning, and also that we are able to make an impact on the issues we work on as a small group of passionate people.

What do you think is the most important environmental issue and why?

I would have to say animal agriculture. It’s not commonly talked about as an environmental issue, but it is one of the worst offenders for water consumption, pollution, deforestation and rainforest destruction, and creates more greenhouse gases than our transport system does.

What’s your best green tip/advice?

I guess it would have to be: consider a more sustainable diet, eat less meat and dairy, and source food locally and organically when able. It also pays to grow your own!