Birmingham Friends of the Earth have dismissed claims that the government should prioritise Birmingham Airport in their new policy.

With new research showing overblown projections of growth, billions already being lost to the local economy and totally misleading job creation predictions, the green group say that allowing further subsidies to the industry will only further damage businesses in Birmingham.

Joe Peacock from Birmingham Friends of the Earth said “Our research for this policy review shows that on average, the tax subsidy per (direct) job in the aviation industry is £50,000 a year. This simply cannot be a wise use of money in times of such economic uncertainties.

“The climate change problems with aviation are well known and if the predicted increases in flights happen, CO2 emissions from the airport will dwarf those from the city of Birmingham. However, what’s been ignored is the negative impact it’s having on jobs and a local thriving business environment.

“Aviation last year cost the region 85,431 jobs according to our research and if the numbers of flights increase, this could peak at around 300 000 jobs in 2030.”

Birmingham Friends of the Earth calls for subsidies into the runway extension to be re-examined and a moratorium on airport expansion.

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