Over the next few weeks you might notice a few changes around the Beemingham Friends of the Earth office, that’s because we’re gearing up for the Bee Cause campaign. In the lead up to summer we’ll be holding events across Birmingham to highlight the decline of the bee population and how this will have a drastic effect upon biodiversity and the food that we eat.



 We’ll miss their buzzing once they’re gone and with 3 of Britain’s 25 species of bumble bee already extinct we need to do something to help the population recover. With bees’ pollination being required to produce a third of our food we really can’t afford to sit back and let them die out.


The events we’re planning to hold will include information on how you can help make Birmingham more bee friendly, like what kinds of flowers you can grow in your garden to attract our fuzzy, yellow friends. As well as the chance to hear from experts about the decline of the bee population in the UK and what we can do about it.


We’ll be looking to work with local companies to help make it easier for you to create bee-friendly spaces around the city, starting with your own gardens and window boxes. As well as getting in touch with Birmingham in Bloom to see if they’d like to introduce a bee friendly element to the competition this year (so let us know if you’re planning to enter!)


At the moment we’re planning to hold three events at the start of summer:

  1. A family day with children’s activities and information for parents, including local bee experts and those that work with bees in the local economy.

  2. A poetry/story session. We’re hoping to get local people to produce some one-off pieces which they can perform for us.

  3. A bee waggle fundraiser night. Come along and learn how to dance like a bee whilst helping raise money for Beemingham Friends of the Earth


So, make sure you keep an eye out for more information about the Bee Cause campaign.