The National Day of Action for the Bee Cause on Saturday the 18th of May saw a wonderful turnout of bee supporters at the Grand Opening of the Jubilee Gardens’ Bee World in Balsall Heath. This was the first project funded by the comedy gig, ‘There’s Something Funny in the Honey’, to be opened, with local MP Roger Godsiff kindly agreeing to do the honours.

As people started arriving, local folk musicians played songs such as ‘The Dance of the Honey Bee’, creating a buzzing atmosphere. The event began with a warm welcome from John Newson, member of ‘Balsall Heath Is Our Planet’ and Birmingham Friends of the Earth. Our, Biodiversity Campaigner, Bex Pollard welcomed people on behalf of Birmingham Friends of the Earth and handed over to MP Roger Godsiff. Mr Godsiff then gave a speech on the importance of the Bee Cause, highlighting the brilliant recent national success of the EU voting to ban Neonicotinoides across Europe.

With the cutting of a bright yellow ribbon by Mr Godsiff the Bee World was declared open! After the Bee World, and all the work of Balsall Heath is Our Planet, was admired, a Bee Walk was conducted by John Newson down the Rea Valley. This outlined the future vision for a bee-friendly wildlife corridor, full of wildflowers, to improve the bee’s habitat connected to the Bee World. On returning to the Bee World to finish the Bee World Opening event, we were greeted by some actual fluffy, buzzing bumbling bees thoroughly enjoying their new Bee World. The perfect way to end the successful day.

The Jubilee Garden, on Longmore Street, Balsall Heath, is open to the public and are available to visit at any time.

Future plans for the Bee Cause for us in 2013 include getting every Birmingham MP to support the Bee Cause, as well as raising the profile of Bees and getting loads of signatures by running stalls at several events. Look out for us at an event near you!

If you are interested in getting involved in the Bee Cause please feel free to contact Bex at