At our campaign action meeting on 28th January, BFoE campaigners had the rare opportunity to decide on funding projects, specifically bee-friendly projects with the money raised from There’s Something Funny in the Honey, back in October. There were three proposals, one from the Balsall Heath is Our Planet, one from Highbury Orchard Community and one from The Warehouse. 

The proposal from Balsall Heath is Our Plant was to add a bee-friendly area to the already established Jubilee Garden.  This would be a precursor to a larger wildlife area to fill in the gap in the wildlife corridor along the River Rea.

Highbury Orchard Community’s idea was for a bee friendly corridor across Highbury Park from the existant bee area where there are currently bee hives. 

The final proposal was for bee friendly climbing plants on one of the walls of the Warehouse, which would make the wall more attractive and give bees a home in an urban in environment.

As over £900 was raised from There’s Something Funny in the Honey and the projects were quite small, the decision was taken to fund all three proposals.  So hopefully in the next few months we will see three amazing bee-friendly wildlife projects springing up in Birmingham. Keep checking our website, Twitter feed and Facebook page to keep up to date with how they’re progressing!