The second of our bee-friendly projects funded by last year’s comedy gig, the Foraging Necklace in Highbury Park, is going from strength to strength. So much so that Highbury Orchard Community, who are setting up the Necklace, have made it the centre-piece of their Honey Fun Day in Highbury Park, Moseley on Saturday 28th September.

The event, which runs from 1pm until 6pm, is very much a celebration of bees and will therefore involve a lot of honey! The Honey Fun Day will feature exciting activities including: a honey-cake competition, games and crafts, information on honey and bee-keeping, and a chance to try out orienteering around the park. 

Naturally this event will also prominently feature opportunities to help plant more of the Foraging Necklace. Of course we’ll also be there, buzzing about in bee costumes and trying to get more people to sign action cards in support of the Bee Cause and a good bee action plan. This is because, as Rebecca Pollard said in our recent story All Abuzz About Something, the government may have announced a National Pollinator Strategy (a National Bee Action Plan to me and you), but we still need to make sure it’s a good one.

If you would like more information about Highbury Orchard Community and the event, please check out the Highbury Orchard Community website or email !