Undetered by the slight drizzle, on Sturday 20th July, we held our Nurture Nature event in the Community Garden space. The idea was to get people, who may not normally come along to a Birmingham Friends of the Earth meeting, to come and see not only what we are about but also to relax and simply spennd time in ourr lovely garden- and hopefully begin to see that nature needs looking after as well as we do. After all, you won’t want to try and save what you don’t know about.

The University of Birmingham brought along hedgehog crafts, where you could either make a pine cone hedgehog or a hedgehog home using rubbish. Greenpeace were there to ……….. , there was seed bomb making and we invited people to take part in The Big Green Conversation- Birmingham City Council’s consultation asking people what kind of city they would like to live in.

We also had a collaborative poem writing session, where people were invited to use their sense to compare the nature found in the garden and a plastic lawn! The idea sparng from the increasing popularity of people putting down fake grass instead of real grass or indeed, any natural plants and flowers in their gardens.

Here is the resulting poem:

Fake Grass vs Wilderness Found Poem

I’m very disappointed that people are switching to this:
fake plastic grass leading to fake plastic people?
it makes me so angry
OK for football I suppose……..

Why not plant plants?
It would be:
stimulating senses, capturing stress and feeling at home