On Saturday 23rd November, Sutton Coldfield saw its very own Bee Cause film screening of the award winning film ‘More Than Honey’. The film beautifully portrays the hidden lives of bees and beekeepers around the world as well as revealing the devastating effects that the loss of these busy, bumbling insects could lead too. With wonderful cinematography and highlighting the negative effect humans are having, it certainly resonated with the viewers of Sutton.

Guests arrived from groups such as EcoSutton, Sutton Coldfield Beekeepers, and Friends of Sutton Park to show their support for the Bee Cause. After enjoying a small Bee Tea made up of locally produced apples (pollinated by bees of course!), honey and homemade cakes made by our very own volunteers, as well as perusing our stall material, everyone settled down to watch the film.

There was also a lot of enthusiasm for contacting Andrew Mitchell (Sutton Coldfield’s Conservative MP), to ask him to show support for The Bee Cause by writing to Lord DeMauley asking for the National Pollinator Strategy to be as effective as possible. We hope that hearing how much his constituents care about our campaign, Mr Mitchell may be moved to act for the Bees! It is crucial at this point in our campaign, just before the National Pollinator Strategy is announced, that as many MPs as possible pledge their support, and Conservative MPs in particular will certainly help give the cause some weight!

As always if you would like to get more involved in campaigning for the Bee Cause please get in touch with Bex on rebecca@birminghamfoe.org.uk.