Duty Free FlyagraCampaigners from Birmingham Friends of the Earth and Birmingham Airport anti-Noise Group (BANG) made a special delivery to Solihull Council on 1st December; a duty-free shopping trolley loaded with 'Flyagra' – the miracle treatment that really keeps you up – topped off with a 1000 name petition opposing the planned expansion of Birmingham International Airport.
The campaigners, dressed as pilots and airport ground crew, handed the petition postcards to councillors Leela Widger, Tim Hodgson and Glenis Slater.
The planned expansion of the airport includes a 400m extension to the existing runway to allow larger long-haul aircraft to land there. But the plans will lead to a significant increase in aircraft noise and carbon emissions for the area. This comes just days after the Climate Change Act became law, committing the British government to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  
Solihill Council is expected to decide whether the planned expansion of the airport will go ahead at a meeting on 15th December.
Find out more at www.flyagra.co.uk