Over the summer period at All Saints we did a series of weekly events around the theme of Climate Change. We started by creating EcoBricks; stuffing single use plastics into 2 litre bottles. We are going to use them to make stools and furniture for use in the youth project.

We then did two sessions on creating spoken word pieces to enlighten people on the effects that their actions are having on the world. We then shared the poem, reading it out as a group.

It’s our mission
To end carbon emissions
Don’t need your permission
We have no superstition
We need to stop fishing
To keep our dreams wishing
To save our planet -use less plastic
Our ideas are so fantastic
The ice caps are melting its drastic
The temperature is up and down like elastic
To end climate change use less cars
We have to save this planet because we can’t live on Mars
Or the stars
Cause life on earth is hard

We also made a display for the Artrooms KH. We used plastics recovered from litter picks to make flowers and attached them to a frame to make a chandelier. A group of young people went out in the community to do a litter pick and to find hotspots.

We then went to Highbury Park with the Park Rangers to test what we could find in the water and understand the impact of litter on the eco system. We rounded it off with more litter picking.

This series of workshops was to help young people know more about climate change and the effects on the environment -but more importantly: what we can each do to help.

We need to educate the masses
About greenhouse gases
Tell the lads and lasses
In their school classes
About climate change
Why is the weather so strange?
We need to stop destroying the Earth
We need to appreciate its’ worth
Its vital that we recycle
Why drive a car when you can cycle?
There are lots of ways we can be sustainable
If we all work together
We can protect the weather
Its all obtainable

These projects were supported by Moseley-Kings Heath Placemakers scheme and Birmingham Open Spaces Forum #InspireWithArt-StopLitterInParks