Campaigners from across the region visited Stratford recently to campaign outside the AMEC offices in the town. They were highlighting the role of AMEC in BP's Baku-T'bilisi-Ceyhan pipeline project which would if built take oil from the Caspian to the Black and thence to Mediterranean seas and Western markets.

James Botham of Birmingham Friends of the Earth wrote a 'Shakespearean' speech which was delivered AMEC staff by Mark Hammond of Rugby Friends of the Earth dressed as the Bard himself. Meanwhile, erstwhile tractor driver Mick Davies of Stratford Friends of the Earth said “From poverty stricken Azerbaijan and Georgia to war torn Turkey the benefits of this project will be enjoyed by an already privileged elite while local people will be left to cope with the considerable social and environmental burdens.”

For more information on this action see the article in Action Briefing Oct-Nov 2003.