The Stop Climate Chaos Coalition is calling for people across the UK to connect with others in their communities on 5th-6th November and lobby their MPs on climate change issues. November is a key time for climate politics, with the upcoming UK Energy Bill and the UN climate talks in Cancun approaching, so Birmingham Friends of the Earth is supporting this call and will be contributing, too.

But climate change is not just an environmental issue. In the UK, extreme weather events directly affect the health of the most vulnerable in society: the elderly, young children, those living in poverty, and those already suffering health problems (e.g. respiratory problems, cancers). These events will become more frequent with climate change.


If you would like to coordinate a lobby in your constituency there is more more information here. Of course, you don’t have to coordinate a lobby to be involved in The Big Climate Connection. There may be someone else in your area that does want to coordinate, so you can just join up with them, via the interactive map to lobby your MP. It is important to lobby as many MPs as possible, but three Birmingham MPs of particular interest are Richard Burden (on the select committee for International Development), MP for Northfield, John Hemming (chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil and Gas), MP for Yardley and Andrew Mitchell (Secretary of State for International Development), MP for Sutton Coldfield.

Sign up now at or contact us for more details and help on lobbying your MP.