Birmingham Friends of the Earth led the way promoting green fun Brummie style on the global day of action on 10:10:10 as part of the international 10:10 campaign to reduce carbon emissions by 10% this year. Events were held all over the word on this auspicious date, ranging from fitting solar panels to planting trees and organising community lunches.


At their headquarters in Digbeth, the green group put on a party where people shared home-made food and were entertained by performers who gave their time for free, including musicians playing acoustically, story-tellers and a musician, all using no electricity at all.  With everything from Black Country folk to percussionists using various exotic instruments, there was something for everyone and proof that we don’t need to use electrical energy to have fun.


Organiser Sophia Hobbs said “I feel that 10/10/10 although carrying a poignant message, focused rather better on the positive, that our environment is in dire straits but there are many good people out there who genuinely care and who are prepared to be part of the solution.”

Having put in place plans for a biomass boiler to heat their building and vastly improved insulation of the reception area, Birmingham Friends of the Earth have taken some important steps to making their building more efficient this year and reducing their own carbon footprint.

Building manager Phil Burrows is positive about the future and states “This is just the start – next year we hope to see even bigger and better projects to make the building more sustainable.”  


Notes to Editors

1)10:10 is a campaign to get people to reduce carbon emissions by 10% over 2010 ttp://

2)Birmingham Friends of the Earth campaigns on many environmental issues on a local, national and international level.

3)On the global day of action, people took part in events all over the world

4)Birmingham city council signed up to 10:10 earlier this year:

For more information contact: Joe Peacock (Birmingham Friends of the Earth) 0121 632 6909