CANB was born out of the largest ever climate action demonstration, on 21st September 2014. In just four weeks, a small group of people from diverse organisations in the city and wider region pulled together a rally and lobby attended by about 200 people. We collected 400 signatures on a petition in only a couple of hours.

We learned that we are stronger together and that despite the lies of climate deniers, most people now understand that climate breakdown is real and burning fossil fuels is the cause. We also learned that a lot of positive things are happening, which deserve to be more widely known.

We want to build on that momentum by supporting stronger links and better coordination between groups and individuals. CANB is not just another group; it’s the connections between people who share similar aims and values.

We will publicise and encourage all kinds of actions and participation. None of us has all the answers; all kinds of personal and political action are valid, provided they are non-violent.

Our aim is simple: to help achieve zero CO2 emissions in Birmingham by 2050 in line with climate science. This year, we think the Paris Climate Conference in December 2015 is a priority and a major opportunity to build a mass campaign for binding agreements to cut fossil fuel use. We also have members from around the region and hope to be able to support / work with other local groups.

CANB is free to join, just email us on or sign up via the website at. We will use new and old channels to help publicise various groups, activities and ways of getting involved with the widest possible appeal.

Our first Annual General Meeting will be on 28th June, where we will formally set up the

organisation and agree the plan for the rest of 2015.

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Twitter: #climatebham

Jules Todd