We can see the devastation that climate change causes all over the world. Even with these hugely upsetting news stories and images being broadcast 24 hours a day, getting people to take notice and change small things in their lives is extremely difficult.


Campaign organisations just like Friends of the Earth work hard to help make a change in our environment through various events; and, now, by working with The Opera Group, art and activism have come together.


Birmingham Friends of the Earth have never shied away from new ideas, and when the opportunity to be part of the Save the Diva event came about, Birmingham FoE were more than happy to help. Save the Diva is a mini street opera that will be performed across various cities in the UK, including Birmingham on the 4th June. The Opera Group and Birmingham FoE will head out into the City Centre, where with buskers and singers they will express their views that irresponsible energy combustion is not a problem and it will end with an exciting clash. Birmingham FoE volunteers will then have the opportunity to give the public information on energy and climate change. Using this method we hope to gain the attention of passing trade helping to make more of the public aware of the facts on climate change.


Seven Angels is a full opera that The Opera Group will be performing on the 17th and 18th of June at the CBSO in Birmingham and also in other cities across the UK. As well as a way to spread the word of Birmingham FoE work, Save the Diva is also publicity for Seven Angels.


Seven Angels is a climate change opera inspired by Paradise Lost, by poet John Milton.


“Seven angels have fallen through space and time for so long, they have forgotten why. Coming to rest on a desert landscape, they imagine the creation of a legendary garden that once flourished there and its destruction from greed and neglect.”


This is a new and exciting opportunity to connect with people who otherwise may not know about who Birmingham Friends of the Earth are and the work that we do.


For further information on on either performances please e-mail me at rosie@birminghamfoe.org.uk. To buy tickets for Seven Angels please visit www.theoperagroup.co.uk