Climate , environment , pollution, and cycling – Sanjive

Climate, environment, pollution: it can be overwhelming. Can we make a difference?

Living in compartments, living in the now helps, and yes we can make a difference.

Meditation and yoga may help, it has helped me.

In the last 2 months I have travelled through Italy and France by train and public transport. I was amazed to see so many young fit and able people cycling, and guess what I was very surprised to see? So many over 50s cycling as well!   I see these cyclists wearing their normal day to day attire, cycling from a to b and also for leisure purposes. Why does this not happen in the UK?

Where the differences come in from England and Europe on cycling, is where I have seen many dedicated cycle paths, so not shared with other traffic from the road.  It makes a big difference.

I took the train from Chambery in France to Milan, Italy, as I wished to be more eco-friendly by travelling by train rather than plane. I felt like I was the only tourist on the train.

I also see travelling at a slower pace and at ground level being better for our health than by travelling by plane, and breathing all that re-cycled air within the cabin (again physically and mentally I do not see this being good for health ) For example, a recent article in the Guardian Weekend magazine stated that there have been, as yet officially unconfirmed, reports of deaths of pilots and cabin crew due to the length of time they have to spent in the air due to the air they are breathing.

There is a culture of people of all ages cycling in Europe, it is seen as the norm,and the second if not  the main mode of travel in Europe compared to the UK. Dedicated cycle paths, a culture of cycling, and the road travel system being built with cyclists in mind has all helped.