Coventry Godiva Festival and Leamington Peace Festival both hosted the Energy Garden Roadshow in June, in a joint effort by Rugby, Coventry, Nuneaton and Stratford Friends of the Earth groups.

The Garden was a big green circular area marked out with willow and decorated with tall plants, ribbons, and wind chimes. We had six stunning 8ft banners, done by Mark, and painted with practical tips on energy saving such as ‘Hang Up Your Clothes – tumble driers are the most energy hungry appliances in the home.'

At Coventry our 'Energy Bike,' which lit a light bulb and powered a music system and a solar fountain, entertained kids for hours. We teamed up with the local council to give away energy saving light bulbs, held a free £100 'supermarket sweep' for the plants at B&Q, and helped lots of people sign up to renewable energy tariffs. Then it was on to Coventry Peace House for a big painting, sawing and organising day of action where we played in the sun and sampled Penny’s delicious home cooking.

The Energy Garden Roadshow will be touring Coventry and Warwickshire festivals and public events over the course of the year. The Energy Bike, expertly assembled by site engineer Danny Foulstone, is available for other groups to hire at a negotiable rate.