This week is the 14th annual energy saving week! Each day this week has an energy saving theme, from insulation on Tuesday to transport on Friday;

 Monday 25th Launch day

Tuesday 26th Insulation

Wednesday 27th Generate your own energy

Thursday 28th Energy saving products

Friday 29th Transport

With the average household spending around £23 per week on fuel and power, around £1,200 per year, the Energy Saving Trust are offering a Q&A on their facebook page between 2-3pm every day to help you save energy. Some MP’s are also contributing to a blog, writing about how they have saved energy throughout the week, which can be found here.

Unfortunately there aren’t any events in Birmingham during the week, but there is a microgeneration event on Tuesday 26th October, at Lichfield Guildhall, and as it’s half term week, there will also be plenty of energy saving (and energy using!) activities for the children.

To get involved with any of the goings on around Energy Saving Week, and some great energy saving tips visit the Energy Saving Trust website.