Today was the fourth time our Fix the Food Chain display has been defaced, so I'm a grumpy greenie today! You have a perfectly good idea that will make a huge difference to a large number of people and what happens? People who should be on the same side start graffitiing your materials and generally spoiling it.


This also goes for online debates about Meat Free Monday. The concept is that we could do with a little less meat in our diet. With the obesity rate in this country on the up we need to get smarter with our diet and reduce damaging intensive farming. This does not mean that Meat Free Monday leads to a meat-free diet; it is that it is exactly that – one day. It's not a transition point from being a meat eater to a vegetarian, it’s a choice that on one or two days a week you choose not to eat meat.

However, from the conversations on the web about Meat Free Monday it seems that all the vegetarians and vegans involved in the discussion think everyone should move to a meat-free diet tomorrow. The majority of comments, ranging from the tame to the abusive, are all about that aim. I have retorted that they should create their own campaign called meat free week/life and leave the argument for Meat Free Monday to continue on a discussion about eating less meat.

It would be interesting to see if Meat Free Monday really got anyone to change their diet. My hope is that it will start a mind shift and that people begin to care more about what they eat and the impact it has on the world around us. It is more realistic to get the whole world to reduce their consumption than get a minority convert, but if anyone does go on to become a vegan or vegetarian then great.

Surely, it's better to get a large number of people to make a small change than to get a small number to make a big change! So, no more scribbling on our displays that the only planet-friendly farming is vegan and the only ethical life is without meat and dairy altogether, please.