Speaker Event: Is there a job in the Green Economy for you?

Monday 12th July. 19.00 – 21.00. Bertha Wright Room, Carrs Lane Church, Birmingham

We are holding a speaker event on Monday on a very pertinent theme for many people at the moment.

Birmingham Green New Deal and beyond: How the green economy can kick-start Birmingham out of recession and create a sustainable local economy?

Localise West Midlands and Birmingham Friends of the Earth would like to invite you to a speaker event discussing the potential of the green economy to boost local job creation.

  – Keith Budden, Environmental Partnership, Be Birmingham.
  – Jon Morris, West Midlands Green New Deal, Localise West Midlands.

Topics discussed:

– How stabilising financial markets, initiating local job creation and securing our future against peak oil and climate change can be tackled together.

– Inspiring, locally relevant stories of job creation in sustainable vocations such as energy efficiency, renewables and recycling.

– The barriers to further green job creation and how they could be overcome.