Join the energy revolution

This Saturday campaigners will be out in force in the centre of Birmingham with a big graffiti wall encouraging people to let the government know what they think of their policies on energy.
With Gordon Brown pushing to build new nuclear power stations and trying to wriggle out of EU targets on increasing the amount of renewable energy produced in this country, it is a chance for everyone to let the Prime Minister know that this is not acceptable. As well as getting people to sign postcards, we will also be displaying a large poster of a graffiti wall onto which people can write their messages to the government for all to see.
On Monday evening there was a very well attended meeting at which Friends of the Earth energy specialist Neil Crumpton outlined very clearly how the UK can produce all the power it needs without polluting fossil fuel or nuclear power stations. This is the message that needs to be relayed to the general public to counter all the nuclear and oil company lobbyists who dominate most of the media coverage on this matter.
Volunteers are welcome to come along and help out any time from 10.30 – 16.30 on the pedestrian area near the Bullring and New Street. Campaigners will also be happy to talk to members of the public about our work and the importance of pushing the government to achieve the 15% renewable energy target here in the UK.