The Kyoto March is an annual event where people get together and onto the streets to sound the alarm about the accelerating deterioration of the world’s environment and in particular the threat posed by the continuing destabilisation of global climate.

A ‘Long March’ will begin (7.00 am) from arch climate villain Exxon-Mobil’s HQ, near Leatherhead, Surrey, to central London, followed by a Rally at the Imperial War Museum (3.30pm). The march will then continue to the US embassy, where there will be speeches from 5.30pm.

According to the FoE website, the ‘dress code theme’ is “Dinosaurs, extinct species, threatened species, Oil/Coal industry Dinosaurs, Bush/Cheney Dinosaurs, Uncle Sam Dinosaurs”, or of course you can identify yourself as a member of a threatened species! Anything that shows Bush, Uncle Sam, Exxon fat-cats etc., as climate/environmental villains should be appropriate.

At the risk of seeming pedantic, I should point out that the dinosaurs were a highly evolved order of reptiles who managed to dominate the Earth for 140 million years without rendering it uninhabitable for themselves or other creatures; humanity take note.

If you want to attend the march contact the ‘Campaign against Climate Change’,, 020 8855 3327 or 07903 316331.