Feedback from general public “crucial”

Birmingham today put out to consultation its long-awaited climate change strategy, designed to put Birmingham at the forefront of the battle against climate change in the UK. Birmingham is the first core city to develop a climate change strategy developed through its Strategic Partnership (1).

The strategy includes a raft of measures to tackle carbon dioxide emissions from transport to public buildings. Carbon pledge scheme for businesses and individuals will become widely used, as will the carbon offset scheme for users of Birmingham International Airport. Climate change champions will be appointed in all public buildings and offices.

If the Strategy is followed up, the planning system will be changed to ensure that all new homes and business premises in Birmingham meet the tougher environmental standards that the Strategy requests. This will result in lower running costs for all, and warmer homes for those who cannot currently afford to pay for adequate heating.

Andrew Hanson, a Birmingham Friends of the Earth member who helped draft the strategy, said “This strategy presents a real opportunity for Birmingham to make a start on reducing its carbon emissions. In doing so Birmingham will benefit from lower energy bills, cleaner air and investment in technological innovation. However, the strategy is not legally binding, and the fight must now be to ensure that the council makes the necessary changes to the planning framework and the transport system to achieve its targets. The public’s comments on the consultation are crucial to ensuring the strategy has a mandate across the city”

Members of the public are invited to comment on the draft strategy within the next 2 months. All information can be found on the website of the Birmingham Strategic Partnership:

Notes to editors: (1)