Environmentalists and aid agencies meet for climate change debate

A key debate is to take place in Central Birmingham on Monday to examine the role of Birmingham’s contribution to third world poverty (1). At the event, organised by Birmingham Friends of the Earth, Maya Segas from Oxfam and Pauline Lewis from Christian Aid are to claim that the city’s contribution to climate change is already a major contributor to poverty and loss of life in the third world.

The debate, which will take place at Carrs Lane Church on Monday 5th February at 7:30pm, is also due to give the opportunity to Gerry Wolff to speak about the potential of a massive solar energy project in the Sahara to provide energy for Europe, thereby reducing our contribution to climate change and poverty in Africa.

Jean-Francois Mouhot of Birmingham Friends of the Earth says “On one hand, many of us are generous in sponsoring an African child for example but then waste energy on the other hand, contributing significantly to climate change, which reverses all of the good work that organisations like Oxfam are doing”.

Notes to editors:

  1. https://birminghamfoe.org.uk/Events/Climate_Change_and_Poverty.htm

  2. More information on the link between climate change and poverty can be found here: