Last Saturday 6th April we joined up with Solihull Friends of the Earth, for a stall in Solihull town centre. This was for the Clean British Energy campaign, where we are calling for MPs to sign an amendment That will make sure a decarbonisation target is set. This will encourage investment in clean energy and create jobs in the UK.

So why were we in Solihull? We have been working hard to get all the MPs in Birmingham signed up. Though the majority of our MPs are Labour, so would be likely to follow the party line and sign. Even so we still need to make sure they do, but the key here is to get Liberal Democrat MPs on board. John Hemming MP the only Lib Dem in our central area has now signed, which has left us setting our sights on Lorely Burt Lib Dem MP for Solihull.

We met up with Carol from Solihull Friends of the Earth on a surprisingly and thankfully sunny day, where she had already set up the majority of the stall. There was a lot of interest from everyone wondering about on their weekend shop, mostly because we were donning the green hard hats again! There were plenty of interesting conversations to be had and we collected over a hundred signatures.

Solihull Friends of the Earth will now be taking the signatures from Lorely Burt’s constituents to her, to show this is what her constituency wants.

On the Birmingham front, as said previously John Hemming has signed, as well as Steve McCabe who was at our public meeting event in February. If you want to make sure your MP has signed up for the green jobs amendment get in contact with them and let us know their response.