Friends of the Earth are part of the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition (SCC); an 11 million strong alliance of committed supporters, campaigners, hearts, minds and voices of more than 100 organisations, from faith groups and women's groups to environmental and development organisations. The Stop Climate Chaos Coalition is organising the march in London on Saturday 5th December before the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen at which world leaders will decide how to tackle global warming.

We want the UK Government to:

  • Quit Dirty Coal: End our reliance on dirty coal power, and instead boost the UK’s renewable energy supply to help build a green economy and create new jobs.

  • Protect the Poorest: Provide resources to help the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people adapt to climate change.

  • Act Fair & Fast: Deliver a fair global deal in Copenhagen that keeps global warming under two degrees Celsius.

SCC in Birmingham

From June until December the coalition members will be organising BLUE events to raise awareness of the march, (blue is our theme to evoke both the impacts of climate change and the idea of a ‘wave’ of positive change). For more information about SCC please go to If you are interested in knowing more about SCC in Birmingham please get in touch with Hester Enthoven at or 0121 634 3611. 2009 is the year we can put things right; so vote with your feet and march with us in London on 5 December.