logo_cbeAt Birmingham Friends of the Earth we are actively trying to create an energy independent UK, as part of our Clean British Energy Campaign. Over 15,000 people have already earned a CBE by e-mailing the energy secretary Ed Davey to express to him, the need for the country to switch to renewable energy.

85% of people asked have said, that they want to see a Britain that uses its excellent resources, such as its; extremely high tides, strong winds, and solar potential, to create its own clean power. Through the e-mails everyone have shown the government that this is what we want for the future.

We launched the campaign by decorating famous individuals from the nations past who played a large role in making this the great country it is today. In Birmingham on June 14th Statues across the city centre could be seen wearing their CBE medals with pride, and for more details and pictures of this event please follow the link below:


The next stage of this campaign has led to us working with both Good Energy and Ecotricity, where we are encouraging home-owners and organisations to change to energy suppliers who use clean energy, which is gathered from renewable energy plants in Britain to power homes. This is an opportunity to switch to energy suppliers that not just provide clean energy, but are also looking to invest in more green energy generating projects around the country, thus creating a new sustainable industry in Britain that would be a big boost to the economy.


Ecotricity was the worlds first green energy company, having been supplying homes since 1995. The company has no outside shareholders, so the profits are put into new green energy projects around the country. They also promise to match the price of the big six, meaning any customer can switch to clean energy without paying a penny more.

Good Energy

Good Energy can boast that 100% of the energy they supply is from renewable sources, and for every new customer they gain, more green energy is put into the national grid. Good Energy also promise to match regional tariffs.

To switch and earn your own CBE, you can visit our Clean British Energy homepage: