Birmingham once again contributed a large number of signatures to Friends of the Earth’s big national campaign – this time it is the Final Demand for affordable energy.

We collected over 1200 signatures on paper, as well as many online, out of tens of thousands of names on the petitions that were taken to Downing Street and handed over to David Cameron last month. We found it was not difficult to persuade people to sign the petition to stop the Big Six energy companies taking us for a ride. It demands a public inquiry into their power and influence – an idea that found lots of support amongst everyone in Birmingham.


Friends of the Earth’s Final Demand Campaign showed that energy bills will keep rocketing while the Big Six keep us hooked on imported fossil fuels. Switching to clean British energy and cutting energy waste are the only way to guarantee energy we can all afford in the future, so we’re extremely happy to have helped in building support for this.

Support for this has been shown nationwide, with a recent poll which revealed there’s massive support for clean British energy:

  • 70% of people want the Government to force the energy companies to invest in power from the UK’s wind, sun, waves and tides.
  • 86% of people support an independent public inquiry into the Big Six energy companies.

Now we’re going to show the Big Six how much we want clean British energy and affordable bills.

We’ll be telling you more about how to join the fight for energy independence soon. Please contact us if you want to be involved in the next part of this campaign.

Thanks for your fantastic support so far.