A currently on-going project called "Waste Less Energy Towards a Climate Change Strategy for Bishop’s Castle" would benefit from your support and ideas.

The Waste Less Energy project is a feasibility study taking place in and around Bishop’s Castle between now and late summer. It aims, with the help of local people, to map the carbon dioxide 'footprint' for the area; identify a target for carbon dioxide emissions reduction; plan how to meet this target; and raise awareness of the issues surrounding climate change. These various strands will come together in the form of a Climate Change Strategy.

The project offers a unique opportunity to devise and implement our own climate change strategy, rather than having one imposed on us from central and regional government. The current UK target of a 60% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050, while significant, it is, we believe, too little too late. There should be either a higher target by the same date (e.g. 75% by 2050) or the same percentage target by an earlier date (e.g. 60% by 2025).

For more information call Adam Kennerley on 01547 520304 or 07791 122 491.