On 7th December 2009 COP15 discussions will commence at Copenhagen's Bella Centre as politicians set about creating a global climate change treaty to succeed the Kyoto Protocol. During the two week long conference, politicians will make historic decisions affecting the future of our planet. In anticipation, Birmingham Friends of the Earth, along with tens of thousands of protesters, will take to the streets of London to perform a Mexican wave along London's Thames, simulating the dangerous effects of global warming.

The Wave, organised by the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition, the UK's largest organisation dedicated to action on climate change, will emphasise to politicians the need for practical action to cut carbon emissions. We are already experiencing the effects of global warming. Floods, droughts, hurricanes, sea-level rise, and seasonal unpredictability are currently having a disastrous impact on the world's poorest. Today, with an average temperature rise of less than 1 degree C, climate change is responsible for the deaths of more than 300,000 people each year.

It is imperative we send a clear message to politicians emphasising that they must act quickly to reach a sufficient and just agreement. Climate scientists are agreed: it is vital that the growth in greenhouse gas emissions is not only halted but that in the years 2015 to 2020 a reversal of this previous growth must occur. The stakes could not be higher: if we are to prevent global warming from reaching a 2 degrees C rise (the level the EU defines as 'dangerous'), the world's emissions must be cut by 80% when compared with 1990 levels.

Friends of the Earth is urging politicians to reach an agreement that features:

  • A commitment by rich countries to make a 40% cut in CO2 emissions by 2020

  • Wealthy countries must promise to provide financial support to developing countries so that they may develop in a clean way and so that they may cope with the disastrous effects of climate change such as famines, floods and droughts

  • Rich countries should not be allowed to buy any of their reductions abroad

In order to stress public support for fast and efficient action against climate change, Birmingham Friends of the Earth is asking you to join us on 5th December as we flood the streets of London and make a stark statement to our world leaders. We have teamed up with various regional groups, including Oxfam, Islamic Relief, the RSPB and CAFOD, to ensure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to make their voices heard, and are working together to organise coach services going to and from London. This will not only ensure that the demonstration is as environmentally friendly as possible, but it will offer you value for money; return tickets are priced at only £10 waged, £8 unwaged. Coaches will leave from Digbeth on December 5th at 9.00, returning from London at 16.00.

If you wish to travel with us and demonstrate your support for a safe climate future please let us know as soon as possible by joining the event via the Birmingham Friends of the Earth Facebook page or by calling the Birmingham Friends of the Earth building on (0121) 632 690.

Take Action: Join us on the 5th December, tickets available on (0121) 632 6909 or via email: info@birminghamfoe.org.uk

Sign the Friends of the Earth petition demanding that our politicians reach a just agreement on climate change: http://www.foe.co.uk/climatetalks/petition.html

Further Information: http://www.stopclimatechaos.org/


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Friends of the Earth's demands for Copenhagen are set out at http://www.foe.co.uk/climatetalks/petition.html

Image of wave logo taken from http://www.stopclimatechaos.org/march