Join the Energy RevolutionOver the last few months our work on the Energy Revolution campaign has gone from strength to strength.
With the UK lagging well behind many other European countries in the amount of energy we produce from renewable sources, Friends of the Earth is pushing for massive government investment in wind, wave and solar power. 
The Energy Revolution aims to show the widespread support for this by asking businesses and organisations to sign a postcard to their MP in support of more renewable energy. The uptake has been fantastic.
We've collected dozens of postcards from student groups, faith communities, campaign organisations and businesses and not just from Birmingham. Thanks to a number of conferences and big events in the city, we've also been able to sign up organisations from across the UK. Below are some of the organisations that have signed up; if you would like to sign up your company or organisation, please get in touch with Ben at
Birmingham Trades Union Council
Journey Metropolitan Community Church
Love Nature
Manic Orgnaic Cafe 
Oho Organic Stores 
Oxfam Outreach, Birmingham University
Oxfam Shop, Harborne 
Progression Ltd 
The Barber's Shop, Harborne 
Wild Law Special Interest Group
Rest of the UK
Atlantic College People & Planet Group
Cheney School People & Planet Group, Oxford
Exeter University Green Society 
Glasgow University People & Planet Group
Leicester College People & Planet Group
St Andrews University One World Society
Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College People & Planet Group, Gainford