Renewables Day of Action StallIn blustery conditions on Saturday hundreds of people joined the energy revolution in Birmingham, with Friends of the Earth volunteers out speaking to shoppers in the centre of town about renewable energy.


Three brave members of the group mounted a turbine on their back, which provided a great talking-point for people as it spun above the crowds. The idea that most people are against wind farms was blown away by the positive response from almost everyone who stopped to talk to us.


The "graffiti wall" which we erected was also well scrawled upon by people eager to sign up and send a message to the government. Local MP Roger Godsiff is also planning to tag his name to it later this week as he supports Friends of the Earth's position on renewable energy.


Well done to all the volunteers who came along and to the people of Birmingham who stopped to add their voice to the call for greener energy in the UK. The message to the government is clear – don't try to water down the EU directive, give us an energy policy we can be proud of as we try to prevent runaway climate chaos.