At Birmingham Friends of the Earth we are passionate about saving the bees and raising awareness of these important pollinators. Our passion has developed into a campaign – Digbeth Bees Please!We are delighted with the interest a lot of people in Birmingham and further afield have had in this campaign.

At the time of writing we have managed to raise close to £400 both through donation made on-line to our Local Giving page and through cash donations on stalls and in our reception. A massive thank you to everyone for their generous donations. 

However we still need to raise more money to reach our £450 target. The money raised will be spent on two beehives in Digbeth Community Garden, bees, professional bee keeping care from a trained bee keeper and money to pay for volunteers to go on beekeeping courses to ensure the beehive stays sustainable.

The Digbeth Bees Please! appeal ends this SATURDAY so please help us bring more bees to Digbeth and donate today.