Last Friday was our annual Organic BBQ, when we cook tasty organic burgers for the Anchor locals as well as our supporters and campaigners coming down for a fun social evening. We run it every year to coincide with the Anchor’s Organic Beer Festival, now in it’s 14th year, and it always turns out to be a great event.

In the heat of late Friday afternoon, campaigners lit barbecues and started chopping onions and bread in the sunshine of the Anchor’s beer garden. Adam and Michaela made short work of chopping the onions and bread, however the barbecues were being a little more temperamental.

However no matter, as when it rolled onto 7pm we were pretty much ready to get serving and feed the hungry patrons of the Anchor with our Organic BBQ! Ben was on cooking duty while Michaela and myself processed orders and took payment. As last year we were rushed off our feet, as the orders came think and fast, at some points struggling to cope with number of pub-goers after a burger.

But cope campaigners did, and around half-way through Rox and Karen took up the reins to give our early barbecuers a bit of a rest.· As the evening wore on we started to run out of burgers but campaigners were still drinking the organic ales that were on offer at the Anchor.

With only a few organic Lamb burgers left and the light starting to fade, we put the BBQ to bed and wound away the rest of the evening supping some of the finest ales the Anchor had to offer. The weather had been fantastic, we’d sold many burgers, and had a great time raising awareness of organic food and BFoE more generally. You can be sure we’ll be back again next year!