fix_food_chain_moovementIt’s time to make sure this country produces its food in a way that doesn’t damage the environment. Birmingham Friends of the Earth has been campaigning hard to Fix the Food Chain over the past year.

Now there is a private member’s bill going through the house of Commons introduced by Robert Flello, MP for Stoke-on-Trent South. For it to succeed we need 100 committed MPs to support this bill through its second reading in November and ensure that it becomes law. You can write to your MP and make your voice heard by signing on of the postcards in reception here at Birmingham Friends of the Earth, or by signing up online here.

Friends of the Earth has also produced a detailed briefing on “What’s feeding our Food?” if you want to read more about the issues of our broken food chain and why it needs fixing.

As a group we are also keen to engage with farmers as you can see from this blog about Open Farm Sunday and an earlier one about a visit to a farm near Pershore.

There are also a number of good videos to watch on youtube:

–  Farm visit by a group of us from Birmingham Friends of the Earth

 –  Join the Moovement on our summer campaign

 –  Soy Story tells the fix the food chain story- great for kids

 –  The story behind fix the food chain

 –  The Meatrix is a spoof communicating the serious message of the food chain

More will be added as we find them.