This May National Friends of the Earth are again organising their Let’s Eat Better campaign Meat Free May. People can pledge to go without meat and fish during May. Why would they want to do that? The amount of meat we eat daily has a great negative impact on the planet and our health.

Pledgers receive a support pack, recipes and newsletters to support them. You can pledge here.

In the past people have said they had the most trouble with knowing where to go out for a bite to eat during their Meat Free May. That’s where we come in. We have been asked to create a list of great restaurantrs to eat vegetarian in Birmingham. This can be restaurants that also serve meat, or don’t, so we have a good mix. In April and the beginning of May we are trying out restauranst in Birmingham to help pledgers find good food; because we want to help these pledgers. It has nothing to do with eating delicious food with lovely BFoE people in beautiful restaurants. Nothing at all…

We will post some of our experiences on the blog and create a list of our favourites. So keep an eye on the blog and you’ll know where to get your veggie fix.