What is happening?
In 2021, Samling Plywood filed a lawsuit against SAVE Rivers (an NGO) in an attempt to silence the group speaking about the destruction the company has caused. Samling Plywood claimed that SAVE Rivers had published defamatory statements about the company in their ‘Stop the Chop’ campaign.  

The lawsuit came about after the NGO published numerous reports about illegal logging in areas owned by indigenous communities. The company claim that these are false allegations and are trying to silence SAVE Rivers by asking for an apology and an injunction which will prevent the publishing of statements from the local communities, as well as a €1,000,000 fine.  

This is completely unjust and should not be allowed to happen. The NGO is simply trying to spread awareness, support local communities and help the environment. We need to help in any way we can, so they can continue.  

How can you help the cause? 

  1. By clicking here, you will be taken to a website where you can send an email to the CEO of Samling and ask them to drop the lawsuit against SAVE Rivers.  
  1. Go to social media and share the email petition to raise awareness to the cause. If you head to our twitter page, you will be able to find a post that you can retweet or like.  
  1. Take a solidarity picture of yourself and upload it here and/or via your social media. 
  1. Share the email petition with family and friends! 

 Written by, Sadie Tivey

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