Our 12th Organic Barbecue in support of the Anchor’s Organic Beer festival on Friday 8th July was a great success.

 Thankfully, the weather held for us in the evening after a rainy start to the day and 70 burgers were grilled and sold to hungry customers in the garden. It’s great to think that we’re carrying on this tradition, which has been done every year this century!


 Once again, we were successful in making a profit to add to our campaigns funds. However, the main purpose of the night is to raise awareness of organic food, support local retailers and producers; the burgers were all from Rossiter’s in Cotteridge and the rolls from LOAF in Stirchley.

 Next time you’re having a barbecue (when you’re lucky enough to have good weather for it), try to think whether you could support local producers with what you buy and make as much of it organic as possible. Remember, it’s better for your health and that of the planet, as well as being really tasty!